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Planning Ahead for 地震安全

The time to prepare is before an earthquake happens. You never know when an earthquake may strike, especially in Southern California.

Before an Earthquake

  • 安装地震 关闭阀门.

  • Perform a walk-through to identify items that could fall when shaken, then secure those items.

  • Find good places to “duck, cover, and hold” and practice it.

  • Identify escape routes and meeting places outside your home for family members.


In the event of an earthquake, follow these tips to keep you and others safe:

  • Restrict telephone use except for family emergency needs or to report dangerous conditions.

  • 刻度盘 911 only if you have a life-threatening emergency.

  • Avoid making unnecessary trips. If you must go, dress in warm, loose layers with sturdy shoes and let others know where you’re going.

  • Do not touch any downed power lines or broken gas lines and immediately report them to us, 警察, or the fire department.

  • 不要使用火焰. Use flashlights, not lanterns, matches, or candles.

  • Boil or purify drinking water.